Amy Warr

French Support Playgroup

Amy Warr is a mother of two, certified French educator in Ontario, and founder of 123 Petits Pas Inc. where she teaches French to families with young children. During her maternity leave with her first born (now age 5yrs), Amy began researching the best methods to raising bilingual babies. The “key” to raising bilingual children, seemed to be “a supportive community”. When she couldn’t find the type of community she was looking for, she started it herself- and so began 123 Petits Pas. Fun fact: Amy raises her sons to speak French as their first language despite being the only bilingual adult in her and her husband’s extended family. She is passionate about helping other parents introduce French at home (whether or not they speak French themselves to begin)! With over 8 years of teaching, 5 years of entrepreneurship, and 6 years of motherhood, “Madame Amy” is our go-to for French learning tips and tricks for families with young children (Ages 0-7yrs). She looks forward to chatting with you during our French support playgroup sessions!

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