Paulette Hébert, RCRT, MARR, MRCP

Registered Reflexology Therapist (Fertility & Maternity)

Discovering Reflexology in the 1990s as an athlete and fitness instructor, Paulette became an advocate of this natural and drug-free therapy from the onset. She assertively encourages all persons to include Reflexology into their wellness lifestyle routine, fitness regime and/or their recovery plan. Coming from a sport background, Paulette obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and a Master’s Degree in Sport Studies from the University of Ottawa. She worked within the domain of sport and event management for many years; working and living in a number of countries. Opting for a change in careers, Paulette was looking to stay within the sphere of health and wellness. She became a Registered Reflexology Therapist with the Reflexology Association of Canada; practicing Feet, Hand and Cranial-Facial Reflexology.Involved with perinatal fitness for many years, Paulette pursued her certifications in Reproductive and Maternity Reflexology seeking to empower people on their reproductive health journey. She is an active member of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists and the Maternity Reflexology Consortium. Paulette currently serves as board member of the Reflexology Association of Canada is also a teacher member with the International Council of Reflexologists.

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