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Cesarean Section Scar Release Therapy

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Rooted Family Wellness Centre is THE FIRST clinic in the Ottawa area that offers Microcurrent Point Stimulation Cesarean Scar Release Therapy! This therapy is provided by our registered healthcare practitioner, Dr. Sarah Bernhardt, and may be eligible for coverage under your extended healthcare benefits.

What is Cesarean Scar Release Therapy?

Cesarean section scars can lead to pain and tightness which can impact your abdominal strength, blood flow to the area, posture, hips and back. Some scarring can also cause pain with sex (dyspareunia) and bladder urgency issues.

For this therapy, we use the Dolphin Neurostim™ which uses Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) therapy to effectively help release the scar and decrease cesarean section pain. Simultaneous application of a safe low level electrical impulse is applied to each side of the cesarean scar to relax and fade scar tissue, which can hinder muscles and fascia function and cause pain. This technology is approved by Health Canada and the FDA and you should be able to see and feel a significant change in the scar during your first appointment.

What are the Benefits?

- Speeds up the healing process of the scar, muscle and fascia
- Decreases pain in the connective tissue
- Helps to relax and fade scar tissue
- Releases the scar tightness which will increase blood circulation and lymph drainage to help the body in the healing process
- Your increased mobility and decreasing your pain will improve your ability to recover and take the best care of your baby and family

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon after my cesarean section should I book?

Healing after a cesarean section takes time. After about 6-8 weeks, we encourage you to book a 60-minute initial assessment and treatment. At this appointment, your practitioner will complete a health history, provide an assessment and conduct your first scar tissue release therapy treatment.

I have had my scar for a while, is it too late to book?

You can start cesarean section scar tissue release therapy anytime. Even scars 10-20 years old can be treated!

Can I be pregnant?

No. The Dolphin Neurostim™ should never be used during pregnancy. Other contraindications include regions with tumours/cancer or on persons with a cardiac pacemaker.

Can I have scar release therapy if I am planning to have another cesarean section in the future?

Yes. The scar release therapy can release and heal your current scar tissue and help your next scar heal much easier and faster. You will likely feel a decrease in tightness and discomfort of scar tissue during your second pregnancy.

How many sessions will I need?

Each scar is different so your registered practitioner will be able to further guide you regarding this during the initial assessment appointment but it shouldn’t take more than a few sessions.

Is this therapy covered by my extended health insurance?

A Chiropractic Doctor provides the therapy as part of a clinical assessment and treatment. Your appointment will be billed under chiropractic care and a receipt will be provided to you to submit to your insurance provider. Please check with your insurance provider if you have any questions about specific coverage.

Can scar release therapy help to treat any other types of scars?

Absolutely! The Dolphin Neurostim™ is used to also effectively treat scarring that resulted from many different surgeries including hysterectomy, breast reduction, appendectomy, and other surgeries leaving a scar (such as knee, hip, shoulder and more).​

Meet Our

Cesarean Section Scar Release Practitioner

Dr. Sarah Bernhardt, DC
Dr. Sarah Bernhardt is passionate about living a healthy and balanced lifestyle and helping others reach their health goals. She always delivers patient-centred care with a hands-on approach to help restore proper movement, provide pain relief and help prevent future injuries. Dr. Bernhardt did her undergraduate degree in Human Kinetics at Saint Francis Xavier University, followed by a 4-year Doctor of Chiropractic at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. Growing up in Ottawa, she has always been excited to return home and build her practice with her community, family, and friends. Dr. Bernhardt treats and manages a variety of conditions with a special interest in women’s health and pediatrics. She supports women during the pre and post-natal periods, is Webster certified, and performs pelvic adjustments and other techniques to help women feel their best during their pregnancy journey. Dr. Bernhardt is also a part of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and provides pediatric care, treating newborns and children. Other conditions she often treats include chronic and acute neck and back pain, headaches, strains and sprains, tendinopathies, post-surgical rehabilitation, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, and many other conditions of the musculoskeletal system. Dr. Bernhardt uses a variety of chiropractic techniques including manual adjustments, mobilizations, soft tissue therapy, rehabilitation exercise programs, and patient education. Dr. Bernhardt is certified in instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy, and has specialized training in Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) Therapy for Scar Release using the Dolphin Neurostim. Dr. Bernhardt was trained in neurofunctional acupuncture at MacMaster University and provides both standard and electroacupuncture. This can be used for nervous system regulation, muscle inhibition, as well as increasing blood flow and stimulation to muscles and joints that are holding tension or creating irregular movement patterns. Dr. Sarah can provide services in English and French.