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New Parent Coach

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What do New Parent Coaches help with?

Pregnancy and becoming a parent can be challenging but it doesn't have to be scary or overwhelming. Each person and family is unique and trying to make sense of advice and google searches can leave you feeling left with more questions than answers. Our new parent coaches were former doulas and can help you in your pregnancy or as a new parent navigate your questions and help build your confidence. They are a listening ear to help you trust your decisions, decrease your anxiety or worries and become the best version of yourself for you and your baby. Through 60-min sessions, they provide you with information and resources that will help you navigate the decisions that come along with becoming a parent, without judgment.

What can I expect during a session?

Each family is unique and the sessions are personally tailored to each family. Common topics include:
- Practical skills such as baby care, breastfeeding or infant feeding, baby-wearing, bathing baby, sleep, household organization, preparing for childbirth
- Suggestions on taking care of your physical health and emotional changes
- Setting up your pregnancy or postpartum support network
- Talking about your childbirth preferences
- Providing you with additional resources and other pieces of information to help you on your journey

Meet Our

New Parent Coaches

Julia Nichol
Julia Nichol is an experienced Gentle Sleep Consultant and Reiki Master. She helps to ease your worries about your child’s sleep, incorporate gentle methods that align with your values, and work towards finding balance in the whole family to better cope with these early years. This style of sleep support takes the weight of worry off your shoulders and leaves you feeling seen, validated, affirmed, and knowing that you are not alone. Julia utilises Reiki to offer anyone in the family a stress relieving sequence of touch that leaves you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and at peace. This restores needed stillness while offering a nervous system reset. Julia’s approach is gentle, calming, and inviting - you need no experience with Reiki to feel comfortable trying this out. Julia also supports families as a Birth, Postpartum & Sibling Doula and a Birth Story Listener. She daydreams of a norm where new families are celebrated with much needed services that nurture the body, mind, and soul. Julia lives in Embrun, Ontario with her two children. She loves to be outdoors as much as she can, dive into a book, and cook up delicious and nourishing meals.
Erin Kasungu
Erin Kasungu is one of our Co-Founders at Rooted Family Wellness Centre and an experienced birth and postpartum doula with 5 years in the field. Erin is also a pre/postnatal fitness specialist helping clients on their wellness journey no matter their fitness level. Having also worked for over 18 years in project management, governance, and event planning, Erin masterfully keeps our wellness centre running smoothly and ensures all of our expecting and new parents are provided with the support they need to grow. She spent several years as a professional figure skating coach, working in the non-profit sector, travelling the world, and having 2 babies before truly finding her passion! She is committed to helping parents feel prepared, informed and supported in their birth experience. She is inspired by the vulnerability and strength that she witnesses as people transform into parents and welcome their baby into the world. And she believes that parents must prepare their whole self for their birth and baby. That includes the mind, body, and most importantly, the heart (and having a sense of humour too!). She believes that an informed and supported approach is critical to a family’s experience as they create the foundation for their family. Erin’s mission is for parents to feel grounded, supported and powerful in their birthing journey. When she is not wearing many hats at the wellness centre, she can be found in her garden, working out, going for long walks in the forest and hanging out with her 2 kids and husband by a river or lake.
Christine Crook
Christine Crook is one of our Co-Founders, a fierce momma bear, and is passionate about the world of birth and postpartum. Christine has been a birth and postpartum doula for 10 years and she has worked with over 200 families, supporting them throughout the entire birthing process. Over the past 6 years, Christine ran the Ottawa branch for a doula agency and is excited to use her expertise to support the members of Rooted Family Wellness Centre. Christine is also a proud ally to the LQTQ2S+ community and fosters a community of love and support for all expecting and new families. Christine is also certified with The Stone Massage Company in Toronto as a Hot Stone Relaxation Therapist at Rooted Family Wellness Centre.