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Strong Foundations for Growing Families

Rooted Family Wellness Centre is a holistic wellness and community hub in Kanata, Ontario, for families at all stages of their birthing and parenting journey.


Rooted Family Wellness Centre offers a wide range of holistic wellness services, designed to support expecting families, parents and children. Our team is here for you through your entire journey, from consulting on nutrition during pregnancy to providing mental health support post-birth to bodywork for the entire family, we've got you covered. 


Our classes are designed for families at each stage of the birthing and parenting journey: fertility, pregnancy, and growing families. Through fitness classes, workshops, meetups, and learning sessions we create a safe space for families to learn and grow.


Classes and community building specifically designed for families in the process of conceiving.

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For our pregnant families, we offer a range of fitness classes, workshops, and lessons.

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New And Growing Family

A mix of classes and workshops for families designed for you, your baby and children.

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Our Story

Rooted Family Wellness Centre was born out of the shared goal to provide holistic services, education, emotional support, and community for expecting families, parents and children in the Ottawa area.

Our team consists of practitioners, educators, and experts who are dedicated to helping families build strong foundations for their future. We have

Hear from our Community

"Erin supported me through the uncertainty of birth, getting in the right mindset and having a comfort measures plan. My husband was so appreciative of her support and experience as well since this was all a first for him too. Erin also helped me in early postpartum days when I really needed some time for self-care and emotional support adjusting to this new reality. "

Racheal and James, Ottawa First Time Parents

"I am sooo glad a friend recommended Christine to us. She was an absolutely essential part of my first pregnancy and birth. She seems to have an endless source of comfort and love and knows exactly when to offer it up! At one point during the birth, she was massaging my husband's back while he was massaging me! I can't imagine having gone through the process without her."
Larrisa and Jason

Larrisa and Jason, First Pregnancy

I have visited Rooted Family Wellness a handful of times for the different services they offer, and every single time I have had a great experience. Erin and Christine (the owners) are warm and welcoming and make you feel right at home from the second you walk in the door, and I always leave feeling refreshed after receiving excellent service. I also attend the free baby cafe to connect with other moms and their babies. All this to say I highly recommend this place (especially if you are pregnant or on a postpartum journey like myself)!

Anna Deveau
Ottawa mom

Rooted in Wellness

Our blog, Rooted in Wellness, features advice, stories, and articles around conceiving, birthing, and growing as a family.

New Family

Untangling the Mystery of Tongue Ties: Understanding Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

A tongue tie can manifest in different degrees of severity, ranging from mild restrictions to more significant impairments. Infants with tongue ties may experience difficulties with breastfeeding, as the limited range of tongue movement can hinder their ability to latch properly. It can also contribute to symptoms of reflux. If you are experiencing pain with breastfeeding or your baby is having trouble latching or getting enough breastmilk, this is a sign that something is not working properly.

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The Benefits of a Whole Family Approach to Naturopathic Care During the School Year

As the school year is in full swing, it is important to prioritize holistic health and well-being for the entire family. The transition back to school can be challenging, and considering the support of a naturopath with a whole family approach remains invaluable throughout the academic year. Naturopathic medicine focuses on treating the root causes of health issues, using natural therapies and lifestyle changes to promote overall well-being.

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Exploring the Benefits of Hot Stone Massage Therapy at Rooted Family Wellness Centre in Kanata, Ottawa

Hot Stone Massage Therapy is a sophisticated and time-tested therapeutic technique that harmonizes the soothing qualities of heated stones with the art of massage. This practice has evolved over the years to become a powerful means of promoting relaxation, relieving stress, and enriching overall well-being.

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