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Hot Stone Relaxation Therapy

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What is Hot Stone Relaxation Therapy?

Hot Stone Relaxation Therapy (also known as hot stone massage) is offered on our heated massage table while our therapist uses heated Basalt and Jade smooth stones over the body to relax and soothe muscles. The stones are placed to add weight and heat to various areas of the body while others are moved slowly over the skin. Special attention is given to the feet, legs, arms, back and head for deep relaxation. Hot stone therapy can help relieve muscle tension, promote well-being, help to decrease anxiety and promote sleep.

This treatment is not appropriate for everyone, so please check with your therapist before booking an appointment if you are unsure. The 60-min full body experience is not recommended for pregnant people, however, they can safely enjoy the head, hand and foot 30-min session.

Christine is trained and certified with The Stone Massage Company in Toronto and offers a full body experience or a head, hand and foot session. This type of therapy is not covered by insurance companies.

Meet Our

Hot Stone Relaxation Therapist

Christine Crook
Christine Crook is one of our Co-Founders, a fierce momma bear, and is passionate about the world of birth and postpartum. Christine has been a birth and postpartum doula for 10 years and she has worked with over 200 families, supporting them throughout the entire birthing process. Over the past 6 years, Christine ran the Ottawa branch for a doula agency and is excited to use her expertise to support the members of Rooted Family Wellness Centre. Christine is also a proud ally to the LQTQ2S+ community and fosters a community of love and support for all expecting and new families. Christine is also certified with The Stone Massage Company in Toronto as a Hot Stone Relaxation Therapist at Rooted Family Wellness Centre.