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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a non-invasive, drug-free therapeutic practice of the application of soothing pressure on various reflexes points of your feet, hands, ears, face, etc. The aim of reflexology is to bring the body back into a perfect state of balance by allowing the energy to flow smoothly. The benefits of reflexology are significant in:

- Enhancing relaxation

- Improving circulation and the quality of sleep

- Encouraging lymphatic action and reducing pain and inflammation

Ultimately reflexology will support and boost the body’s efforts to function optimally and to heal itself especially following stress and fatigue, illness, surgery, injury or disease.

Our Registered Reflexology Therapist also specializes in reproductive and maternity reflexology!

Reproductive Reflexology:

Also referred to as Reproflexology™; Reproductive Reflexology is a specialized form of reflexology therapy that can be used as a stand-alone treatment to enhance your natural fertility or with all forms of assisted conception including IUI, IVF and ICSI. This patient centered approach can also be used to support individuals and couples using surrogacy or donors.

People afflicted by irregular cycles, painful periods, PMS symptoms, PCOS, Endometriosis, hormonal migraines, menopausal discomforts, post cancer recovery (chemo, radiation, mastectomy, etc.) can benefit from this drug-free therapy.  

Not just for women, Reproflexology™ can aid in rebalancing men’s endocrine systems, improve the quality/quantity of sperm, help ease pain and swelling following procedures; and support certain conditions such as erectile dysfunction, vasectomy reversal, prostatitis, post brachytherapy, chemo or radiation recovery.

Maternity Reflexology:

In terms of a Maternity Reflexology, the therapy is a safe, non-invasive and effective therapy that can support a mother through all trimesters of pregnancy with specialized protocols for common symptoms and complaints that often accompany pregnancy. The focus is the alleviation of the uncomfortable side effects of pregnancy without the use of drugs. With so many emotions being experienced during this time nothing is more calming and supportive during pregnancy than receiving a professional reflexology treatment!

Touch is a powerful tool that contributes to helping the body, mind and emotions reach a calmer state. It also has a healing aspect that is remarkable. Studies have shown that pregnant people who have frequent sessions of reflexology can improve their birth outcomes and their babies are more settled and will breastfeed better. Even people who have had a caesarean section seem to recover quicker.

Postpartum Reflexology:

Many women seek out reflexology during their pregnancy but the benefits of it postpartum are equally as beneficial; it can boost breast milk production, your immune system and keep hormones in balance. Reflexology is relaxing, rebalancing and restorative. What more could you want for when you have just given birth? It’s also the perfect excuse to spend an important indulgent, deeply nourishing hour for yourself!

The good news is, you can have reflexology immediately after birth. There are no ‘waiting to recover’ times. And you can have baby with you as well - it’s a lovely way for you both to connect to each other.

Meet Our

Registered Reflexology Therapist

Paulette Hébert, RCRT, MARR, MRCP
Discovering Reflexology in the 1990s as an athlete and fitness instructor, Paulette became an advocate of this natural and drug-free therapy from the onset. She assertively encourages all persons to include Reflexology into their wellness lifestyle routine, fitness regime and/or their recovery plan. Coming from a sport background, Paulette obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and a Master’s Degree in Sport Studies from the University of Ottawa. She worked within the domain of sport and event management for many years; working and living in a number of countries. Opting for a change in careers, Paulette was looking to stay within the sphere of health and wellness. She became a Registered Reflexology Therapist with the Reflexology Association of Canada; practicing Feet, Hand and Cranial-Facial Reflexology.Involved with perinatal fitness for many years, Paulette pursued her certifications in Reproductive and Maternity Reflexology seeking to empower people on their reproductive health journey. She is an active member of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists and the Maternity Reflexology Consortium. Paulette currently serves as board member of the Reflexology Association of Canada is also a teacher member with the International Council of Reflexologists.