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Shine Through Shadows


Rooted Family Wellness Centre


Apr 22, 2024



Every Monday 10:00am - 12:00pm



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What to Expect

Join us for a weekly drop-in to connect with fellow parents who may be facing challenges on their postpartum journey. Step into a warm and nurturing space where understanding and empathy thrive, ensuring you're never alone in your experience. Find comfort in this non-judgmental environment where you can truly be yourself and openly share. Our experienced facilitator, Susan Martensen, specializing in maternal mental health, will guide you with invaluable insights, coping strategies, and self-care techniques, helping you find unwavering strength and resilience through the postpartum period. You're not alone – let's navigate this journey together!

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Hear from our Community

"I cannot recommend Rooted Family Wellness Centre enough. I started by attending the Postpartum Fitness class with Dr. Sarah Bernhardt back in September 2022 and have attended 2 more consecutive classes because of how much I LOVED it. ..."

First-Time Mom

"I started going to rooted for the prenatal yoga classes with Sarah. Sarah really knows how to support you where you are in your journey and brings in experts in the field to help with any and all questions you have. ..."

First-Time Mom

"Erin and Christine were the family I didn’t have when Maya was born. I did Baby Cafe, Yoga for moms and babies, Pilates, massages at the Center. But what I got wasn’t just socializing and fitness, I met other moms who were going through the same phase as me, had similar question and anxieties. ..."

First-Time Mom

"... They even offer free baby cafe with a doula, she gave me some helpful tips with breastfeeding! I highly recommend this place, all their services and I look forward to attending more classes in the future. Thank you for being in the community!"

Ottawa Parent